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Dr. Subhash Ponkiya
  • Dr. subhash ponkiya did Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) (a regular full-time 5.5 years of medical degree course recognized by Central Council of Homeopathy, Dept. of AYUSH, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India) from A. J. Savla Homeopathic Medical Collage and R.I., Mehsana in June 2009.

  • Expert at healthcaremagic.com

  • Produced brochures to educate patients and the public about qualified health care.

  • He has been applauded and acknowledged for her devotion to the profession and hard work

Homeopathy Forever...

Dr. Subhash Ponkiya’s Homeopathic Clinic - “To serve the mankind”, initiates the Homeopathic practice with scientific disciplinary health care and various positive moves for Promotion & Preservation of Health of individual & community as well.


"Homeopathy Forever (HF)" is a homeopathy clinic run by Dr. subhash Ponkiya. It is not only for treatment but also for other activities like, patient education, statistic research, study and training center, etc,.

HF assure you of Fair, Honest and Genuine Services about Patient care and other services as well.

It is said that “health is wealth”, but in today’s fast growing world the phrase has changed to “wealth is health” making medical facilities available to people who can pay for them. Hence, the cure to some of the conical but curable diseases does not reach the needy people who cannot afford them. In this circumstances, HF is committed to best health care services in cost effective manner.

Not only through the OPD services, but also the virtual projects and awareness Campaigns HF is dedicated to build up the integrated Heath care services to serve humanity.

Aim is not only to fight with the disease, but Prevention, Promotion and Maintainability of the Individual and Community Health.